Driftwerk BOLT Motorized Trike - MADE TO ORDER

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These are not for use on public roads, and protective clothing is recommended.
Delivery is 2 weeks from order
These are designed and made in Germany - big-up the German engineering!!

Modern drifters may prefer the green-way.

In case there is no slope hill around you can choose the DRIFTWERK BOLT. Silent drifting pleasure enabled by a strong electric front wheel drive.

A powerful 1500 Watt engine gets its energy from a 48Volt (20Ah) high capacity battery. This electric engine brings you up to speed (+/- 50 km/h) and offers you lots of drifting fun on any dedicated area.

Just pick a free parking or industry area around your neighborhood. A large brake with a 8" brake disc helps you to reduce your speed in case needed.

You control the powerful engine by a high tech modern throttle.

The 5 led indicators will constantly provide the correct information of the condition of your battery. This information helps you to avoid a complete discharging, which is not really recommended.

The DRIFTWERK BOLT is equipped with a comfortable leather seat of very high quality.

The orange stitching and a cool embroidered DRIFTWERK logo finish the deal. On this compact trike you have the possibility to adjust the seat into any position and distance to the steering bar.