Drift Triking Team Riders


Bio: Dan has been sliding since 2012. He picked up a bmx frame off eBay for xmas and got to work. He is the founder of DuB Trikes, a team rider for Triad Drift Trikes UK and Coast2Coast Drifters which is a rider backed trike fam movement aimed at sharing the postives of the sport around the world.

Dan is currently ride a TRIAD Notorious 2 with its trusty Oath 1:1 front end. Parks and flatland urban sliding is where its at! He also has a TRIAD Underworld which is currently setup as a peg gravity racer.

My fav trike component? "It has to be the GameChanger, I do not own one yet but I have tried and tested it on many occasions and respect its place in the Drift Trike world, it really has earnt its name!"



"Been drift triking since Joe brought the mk1 trike down to the snow dome a couple of years back. Since then I'm hooked, pretty much don't snowboard anymore just love skidding with the crew. Drift triking and Djing is my life. Occasionally I work but only to fund these two dirty habbits! 

Favorite trike is the TRIAD Notorious with a JR's Game Changer on the front and stretched kart wheels on the back. I have tried out lots of different brands and home made trikes but for me Triad is the only way forward."



"I started out like most of us, with a home built trike but living right next to Cheddar Gorge, I had no trouble finding a decent hill for drifting. Since then I’ve bombed down many hills, met loads of new people who share the love of triking and have had a great time doing it. My current trike is a TRIAD Underworld (awesome bit of kit) with a custom back axle. Now, I’m mostly sliding the back roads of Cheddar with some good mates and having some laughs along the way."



"Well, it all started with a group of us getting together and building some trikes using old bmx parts, go kart wheels and plastic sleeves. I’ve been sliding sideways down hills since. I now ride TRIAD's Countermeasure which suits me perfectly. I’ve met some great people along the way and found some pretty awesome locations. So far my favourite, still has to be Cheddar Gorge as that’s where it all began, but as I progress each hill seems to be getting bigger and faster than the one before! Can’t wait to see what the future brings."



"My name is Paul Rees but its PJ to all my friends.. I'm 26 and live in a small village in south Wales called LLanwrda. I have lived here all my life, consider myself to be an adrenalin junkie, always out looking for my next fix! I have been an outside person all my life be it bombing down tracks on my push bike to hitting river rapids in my kayak... I have also dabbled in the skies with my paraglider.

Then a month or two ago a group of 30-odd drift trikes came from across the UK to my back garden ;) ... me and a few of my friends had been watching videos and two of them had actually got trikes... we meet everyone up there and all had a shot and have not looked back since then. Bought myself a TRIAD Drift Trike from JR Drift Trikes and hit the hills... Didn't take long before the modifications started and now im after the holy grail, the Game Changer... The final peace of the puzzle!

There are so many places to go drift triking where I live; up LLyne Brianne dam is  where you can really feel the speed, such lush views and the ppl are nice too, that my favorite spot to go! My favorite part on my drfit trike is gotta be the PVC sleeves.. either slow or fast its gotta be the way to go always keeping you on the edge!! Loving the adrenalin rush, being out with friends in nice places, and the strive to be the best at what i do is what keeps me going out.



I got into triking when I had a mate over and I was on my Facebook and I saw a link to a motor trike video on YouTube and I said to my mate hey that looks fun so I went into the garage and cut up my sister's bmx (probably wasn't the best idea I've had! Haha) and yeah made a trike and I was hooked! First trike was a non weld trike to so it was pretty scary! And well I just kept going and making bigger and better trikes and I love it!

The reason I go into drift trikes is because it looks cool and I wanted to give it a go :) this sport has really grown and it's awesome to see! When I started off the problem was getting parts and now there a some good places around and now the new site is opening it will help people starting out in this amazing sport :)