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X20 replaces the rear wheel inner tube and tyre on a 20” BMX bike, is hand built in the UK and comes already fitted.

X20 is designed using multiple components, including rimmer blocks, drifter blocks, steel rods and sleeve nuts.
The key design features are the individual, oscillating drifters, which allow the BMX to continually slide and drift.
Simply hot swap your existing, normal, rear wheel with X20. Plug and play!
BMX drifting couldn’t be easier, the faster you pedal, the more you drift – it’s addictive!


What size wheel do I need?

This all depends on your axle and sprocket size. The 3 links below explain this much more in depth.
X20 M14 AXLE 12T

X20 M14 AXLE 9T

X20 3-8″ AXLE 14T

Additional Information

Weight: 4 kg
Axle Size:

14mm 9T, 14mm 12T, 3/8″ 14T